Developing a strategy for access to advice and support on Social Welfare Law in England and Wales
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Advice services after the 2015 Spending Review

The Spending Review process determines how the Government allocates resources and therefore shapes priorities and programmes over the course of a parliament. The Low Commission submitted our analysis and ideas to the spending review particularly highlighting our evidence-based arguments around the social returns and cost-benefits derived from supporting early intervention initiatives and how advice services can assist efficient public services delivery reach the most vulnerable.

Since then we have been in follow up discussions with the Cabinet Office and others and submitted strategic papers for consideration by relevant cabinet subcommittees, which you can access here.

Submission to Cabinet Office

PAPER-BY-THE-LOW-COMMISSION-FOR-THE-CABINET-SOCIAL-JUSTICE-COMMITTEE-12-12-2-.docx.doc (MS Word Document - 19Kb) Submission to Cabinet Office

Appendix to submission to Cabinet Office

Appendix-1.docx.doc (MS Word Document - 40Kb) Appendix to submission to Cabinet Office