Developing a strategy for access to advice and support on Social Welfare Law in England and Wales
Email Tel. 020 7833 7423

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What is Social Welfare Law?
Social Welfare Law includes: asylum, benefits, community care, debt, education (including special educational needs), employment, housing and immigration.
Who are the Commissioners?
There are nine Commissioners and the Commission is chaired by Lord Colin Low. Please visit the Commissioners page for individual profiles.
Who staffs the Commission’s Secretariat?
The Commission Secretariat is staffed by Richard Gutch and Sara Ogilvie. You can contact them here.
Is the Commission independent?
Yes. The Commission is completely independent from Government, political parties and the advice sector.
Who is funding the Commission?
The Commission is funded by the Baring Foundation , Barrow Cadbury Trust , LankellyChase Foundation and Trust for London.
Can I submit evidence to the Commission?
Yes. The Commission would like to receive evidence and comments on its work. Please visit the Can You Help? page for more information.
Can I read the evidence submitted to the Commission?
Yes. The Commission will aim to publish all of the evidence it receives on the Read Evidence page, although contributors are given the opportunity to request that their submission remains private.
How can I keep up to date with the Commission’s progress?
The Commission will keep a regular blog and you can follow the Commission on Twitter.
Will the Commission consult on its Recommendations?
Yes. The Commission will consult on its emerging Recommendations in September 2013.
When will the Commission report?
The Commission will report in December 2013.