Developing a strategy for access to advice and support on Social Welfare Law in England and Wales
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Advice and Health

A key strand of our work has been to look at the relationship between advice needs and services, and health. The most forward looking advice services have always developed good relationships with local health service providers in both primary (GP) and secondary (Hospital) care - CAB outreaches in GP surgery centres, for example, have been a common and successful model. But the linkage between social welfare advice improving health outcomes within the context of the "social determinants" (reference - the Marmot Report) of ill-health has not been widely mainstreamed amongst policy makers and commissioners.

We are therefore publishing a research review which we have worked on and commissioned jointly with the Advice Services Alliance, and guided by a group of experts from health and advice charities chaired by Amanda Finlay. The research was undertaken by Consilium and the foreword provided by Michael Marmot who is joining Lord Low on Monday June 29th to launch the report in Parliament.

Report Launch Event

See our report by following the link below.

Advice Services and Health Outcomes

ASA-report_Web.pdf (Adobe PDF - 2.65Mb) Advice Services and Health Outcomes


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