Developing a strategy for access to advice and support on Social Welfare Law in England and Wales
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Local Advice Strategies

With ever tighter funding settlements for local government and reforms to the revenue support grants (RSG) and the funding of local government services, the advice sector needs to work on its relationship with local government in order to secure sustainable services into the future. With this in mind the ASA as part of its partnership work with us commissioned us to develop a local advice strategy toolkit for the advice sector as part of its Big Lottery learning project for the Advice Services Transition Fund programme. See

The toolkit is primarily aimed at local advice organisations and networks who wish to achieve a more coherent strategic framework for advice services in the area – principally though developing and promoting an area wide advice strategy with principal local authorities. It aims to provide tools for working with local government to produce an advice strategy in the context of modern public service delivery, and the advice and commissioning landscape. You can download a copy here

Lord Low has been contributing to local government debates calling for the adoption of local advice strategies see