Developing a strategy for access to advice and support on Social Welfare Law in England and Wales
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We are conducting research on DWP decision, reconsiderations and appeals as part of a research project on redress. Much of the Low Commission's final report concerned preventing unnecessary demand through public legal education, improving administrative processes, and challenging and correcting decisions as early as possible.

But whilst DWP and other pubic bodies like to claim they doing everything to "get things right first time," improve their assessment and decision-making processes, determine claims fairly and avoid claimants having appeal, recent experience (for example with ESA and Work Capability decisions) suggest otherwise.

So we would like to test some of these assertions against welfare rights advisers' experience. It would be enormously helpful for anyone involve in welfare rights advice, if you could take a few minutes to fill out the following anonymous survey. You will find the survey by clicking the following link:-