Developing a strategy for access to advice and support on Social Welfare Law in England and Wales
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Partnering with the Advice Services Alliance

In developing the second stage of our work we are particularly grateful to the Advice Services Alliance (ASA) - the umbrella body for the advice sector (see ) who have partnered with us on a number of projects, specifically

  • On local partnerships and strategies, local government and advice services transition, we have been working together to influence best practice. The ASA (also with the support of Citizens Advice) run a learning and support project for the Big Lottery Advice Services Transition Fund; overcoming the challenges collaborative working has emerged as a key issue for the project and partnerships locally as well as building a coherent relationship with local government, so we have worked with the ASA on our approach of encouraging local strategic plans/local advice and information strategies, taking advantage of new duties under the Care Act. This has also involved producing practical tools and guidance for the sector. See